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LINKS- Check out these other bands, musicians, artists, and cool places...

Kevin McCullough's main site - Home of Kevin McCullough- Pianist, Arranger, Educator
The Latin Jazz Collective w/ John Nava
Awesome Latin jazz group that Kevin McCullough plays piano, arranges, and is the musical director for!
Amy Bruckner 
Graphic designer from San Francisco.  She did our well as Kanye West's tour shirts, and so much more!
YAA Photography
 Awesome photographer, Yasma, from LA who took some of our pictures up here.
SLG Art Boutiki
Publishing company and live music and art supporter, home of the JAZZ WAREHOUSE!!
San Jose Jazz
Non-profit in San Jose who put on many live concerts, conert series, and educational opportunities!  Show them love!
Park Place Vintage
A super cool vintage shop in Willow Glen run by Linda, Pepe, and Lucy Ruiz!  Park Place has been kind enough to carry our posters.  Stop by and pick one of them up...or both!
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